Trust in the LORD with all thine heart:

And lean not unto thine own understanding.

Proverbs 3:5 KJV

Lord, have your way in this place.

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My name is Rachael Niles. I have been called to be a “front-line” end times warrior for the Lord and aid the body of Christ

On December 27th, 2020, the Lord gave me a vision which was followed by a dream. At the time, I was studying Revelations 11 and the Lord began to slowly reveal the calling on my life regarding the end-times. In this open-eyed vision, there was an individual with their head buried in the bible in order to prepare for the times to come. That same night, I had a dream of a whiteboard and on it were the words “Full Time”. As of recently, I realized that the Lord was calling me into full-time ministry.

The words of the Lord never return to him void, and so here I am roughly three years later finally answering His call. After years of suffering and battling my flesh, the Lord has called me out of the darkness into His glorious light. If you have come to this website, I believe it’s because you are ready to answer the call that God has placed on your life. You are ready to give Jesus your full “YES!” The sole purpose of this website is to help equip, educate, and provide fellowship for those who are hungry to learn more about the Lord. If you are looking to grow in your journey with the Lord – then you have come to the right place!

Rachael Niles

We love Him, because He first loved us.

1 John 4:10

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My name is Leah and I discovered Rachael’s TikTok profile earlier this year around March when I was newly into a wilderness season and I couldn’t have come across her page at a better time. The very first video I watched specifically touched on resting in God’s promise and that resonated with me so much and I IMMEDIATELY felt the Holy Spirit and followed. I soon began to join her TikTok lives where she does prayer and Bible study and quickly gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom. She’s broken down scriptures, talked about her personal experiences, warring in the spirit, how to get closer to God etc etc. I’ve also gained fellowship through the discord chat she created where we do Bible study, send each other scripture, share testimonials etc.

One area I’ve been strengthened on in my walk is now knowing how to war in the spirit when enduring spiritual warfare which is something she’s touched on several times due to the fact that we’re in the end times and spiritual warfare is at all time high! When I sent in a prayer request she responded in a timely manner and also took the time to do a 1 on 1 prayer call with me which led me to start fast. Needless to say Rachel’s live/ Bible study/ AND NOW PODCAST have all been edifying, encouraging and uplifting on my walk with Christ.

Leah Matthews

Rachael Niles/ ALL THINGS NEW Ministries has helped me tremendously since I started my walk February 10th. I deal with really bad anxiety and listening to her videos, and even having her pray with me on the phone has helped me.. literally had me in tears, it’s helped me overcome so much.

Her podcast as well has helped me learn how to build my relationship more with God, how to speak to him, and obey his word.

There’s so many things that she has taught me and I couldn’t be more grateful to follow her page, and just listen to her ministries.

She’s such a great person, a wonderful sister, and someone who can definitely help you grow your relationship with Christ and just become stronger.

There are times when I am feeling anxious, and i’ll ask her to pray for me whether I just text her, and i’ll feel so much better because she has prayed for me, whether I hear it or not. I can feel when she prays for me, because i instantly feel better.Thank you so much sister, love you 🩷🙏🏽


I found Rachael’s Tiktok page around 2021. But God finally called me to try my best to fully commit to him in 2023, in multiple ways , but mainly through Rachael. It started with her TikTok videos popping up. CONSTANTLY. I didnt know if it was a sign but I took a leap of faith & started to follow her. As I did, I saw that she was live. She immediately spoke to me & I felt the holy spirit fill my room as she prayed. I was convicted.. but saved. She made me want a serious relationship with Christ. Since then , I have been on almost every live that I could attend. Watched plenty of videos, just eager to learn. You can tell she truly loves the Lord and it makes you wanna learn too.

Rachael has helped me strengthen & solidify my relationship with the Lord God. When I heard she started a ministry, I knew it was God calling me too. The lord with her, gave me the to courage to change my old ways , Make a christ following tiktok account, and finally, start a youtube channel. If you dont know where to start, watch her podcast or join her lives!! She makes sure that we understand her during bible study & her words are so anointing, they will literally move you to tears.

Im so very grateful that God has placed a wonderful person with such an amazing testimony in my life, even without physically being there. Being connected with each other is so important & Rachael makes sure we do does just that. It gave me hope to find the Lord again.

You help so many more people than you know! Thank you, God bless you Rachael.

This woman of God is anointed and powerful!

As she speaks, teaches and shares God’s Word it is life changing and it is a Word spoken in due season !!

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Therefore if any man can be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

2 Corinthians 5:17